Trends In Carbohydrate Research, Vol.5, No.4 (2013) 20-24
Diimino conjugate of glucosyl-cresol as receptor for Cu2+
and its complex for cysteine and histidine#

Atanu Mitra, Sivaiah Areti, Ankit K. Mittal,
Snehasis Bhakta and Chebrolu P. Rao*

Bioinorganic Laboratory,
Department of Chemistry,
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai - 400 076, India.

Tthis award carries Rs. 30,000/-, memento from the sponsor (PfP technologies(USA) ,
certificate to this effect from eTCR editorial Board  .
Prof C.P. Rao may be requested to  receive the award in person and deliver
an award lecture in the XXIX Carbo conference   at CIAB , Mohali.



Dr. R.P. Tripathi, CDRI, Lucknow -2010
Prof. G.S. Chauhan, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla -2011
Prof. Ashok K. Prasad, Delhi University, Delhi-2012
Prof. Darren Grice , Griffith University, Australia -2013

e-TCR Award ( for best paper was
conferred to Prof. Darren Grice , Griffith University, Australia
for his paper entitled "Novel Variation of the Lipid A of Serotype
B lgt3 Mutant Moraxela catarrhalis LOS", authored by
Jennifer C Wilson, Radoslav Bakazadeh Hamidi, Isabelle
Faglin, Ion R. Peak, I. Darren Grice published in Trends in
Carbohydrate Research, 4(1)10-15, 2012.



Dr.Darren Grice-TCR Award




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